Dont know if you guys need a timer

I have tried to find a good timer but havent really found one, so i made my own, its quite simple and requires extra suites.

Here it is:
(any commenrts on making it better please let me know)

set start_ to current date
set min to 0

repeat with i from 1 to 61
	delay 1.0
	set current_ to current date
	set sec to (current_ - start_) - (60 * min) as string
	repeat until length of sec is 2
		set sec to "0" & sec
	end repeat
	if sec is equal to "60" then
		set min to min + 1
		if min is equal to 60 then
			set hour to hour + 1
			set min to 0
		end if
	end if
	tell application "Extra Suites" to display message "Time taken " & hour & ":" & min & ":" & sec
end repeat

Hope it helps people that might need one and cant find one