"Don't show this message again" CheckBox


I need help doing a suppression checkbox, but I don’t know how to do. To do this there must be a variable which doesn’t reset his state on the next launch. I thought about a plist file, but in this case i don’t know how to build one.

Can anyone answer?

Thanks in advance!

I believe Shane’s Myriad Helpers have the ability to show a NSAlert with a suppression checkbox. Do you want to show an alert or are you using a regular NSWindow with content?

Actually I was thinking about a panel opened as a sheet… And to do that i guess Myriad Helpers don’t help me…

Why not? Using showOverWithSuppress:calling: does exactly that.

So, how can I install Myriad Helpers Shane?

You just drag whichever of the files in the Helper files folder you want to use to your project. You might as well just add them all.

Ok thanks, and where can I find a documentation?



and in the files themselves. Look at the sample code, plus the .h files.

If that’s not enough, there’s further detail in chapters 16-18 of my book.