double clicked indesign applescript

is possible detect if an applescript saved as application was launched by double click on it or from the script panel of indesign?

thanks for any suggestion

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Going by a couple of scripts I’ve done in the past, it is possible to save a prefs file in the script bundle of the script application. It’s also possible to check whether a script was triggered by dropping files on it or, double-clicking it.
You’re possibly launching it from InDesign which is slightly different. I’ve not tested it but I think it should be possible.


I’m not as optimistic as TecNik. I thought something like this might work:

tell application id "com.adobe.InDesign" -- Adobe InDesign
		set theScript to active script
		display dialog theScript as string
	on error
		display dialog "Running as applet"
	end try
end tell

but it shows “Running as applet” either way.

Hi Shane,
Yeah, I got the same :frowning:

I was using:

tell application "System Events"
		-- Get App Name
		set frontApp to (path to frontmost application as Unicode text)
end tell

Either way the frontmost application is the script even when the full test script was executed from the Script Menu or externally.

I did think of one solution which would be to put the main script app in the relevant InDesign folder.
This could be executed from the script menu.
Then create another script something along the lines of:

set myScript to alias "YOUR HD:Applications:Adobe InDesign CC 2014:Scripts:Scripts"
run script myScript

This would then sit on the desktop. This would give you the two ways of executing the script app.
Not sure if this is the best way round it.

Instead of putting the app in the ID Scripts folder, you could try putting an alias of the Main.scpt file that’s inside the app bundle there instead. That might make active script work.

Think I tried something similar to that where I put the whole app on the desktop and an alias in the ID Scripts folder. When executed through InDesign the front most app was still the script application.

It’s almost like you want to set x to the app that triggered me in the applescript.

That’s not going to work. But I just tried making an alias to the app bundle’s /Contents/Resource/Scripts/main.scpt file, and that works fine with the sample script I posted above.

I think the best is

set x to the app that triggered me

like TecNik said

but I’ll use the alias of main.scpt in indesign script folder

thanks TecNic and Shane Stanley for your interest and help


Just to say the app that triggered me isn’t AS :wink:

I know it was only a joke :slight_smile: