DownloadAssistant for OS X

I’m looking for an applescript that watches a folder for changes. Essentially which worked for os 9. However there isn’t an OS X version which I emailed the author about. What this script does is that it watches a folder usually the folder specified for web or server downloads. You set the bit rate and the seconds to check the folder. If the folder does not meet the criteria then the system is shutdown. Does anyone know of a program or script that could do this in os x?


Hmmm… Not sure, but may not be difficult re-create it:

property folderToWatch : alias "path:to:folder:"

global lastSize

set lastSize to 0

on idle
	set newSize to size of (info for folderToWatch)
	if newSize = lastSize then quit --> sample condition
	set lastSize to newSize
	return 10 --> check every 10 seconds
end idle

on quit
	ignoring application responses
		tell application "Finder" to shutdown
	end ignoring
	continue quit
end quit

Save as stay-open and you are done…

doesn’t seem to be working.

Replace the line:

   set newSize to size of (info for folderToWatch) 


 tell application "Finder"
   set newSize to size of folderToWatch

and add a ‘end tell’ somewhere before the return.

Also, I’d return a larger value than 10 seconds. The Finder can take a while to update and calculate the size of a folder and you run the risk of running too frequently.