Downloading Status?

Is there a way to know how much of a file is download? How do I download a file using Objective-C methods?
An example would be when an application, such as Cyberduck, is updating, it has a loading bar showing you how much of it’s newer version downloaded.

In Objective-C it’s quite easy with NSURLConnection and NSURLDownload, which both provide asynchronous methods

The Programming Guide is very helpful and contains also examples

Oh no, Objective-C. :frowning: I’ll try to translate.

For the first line of the first listing, would it be

tell class "NSURLRequest" of current application
	set theRequest to its requestWithURL(NSURLWithString:"")

What would then next line be?

Since no one is helping me, can someone give me the link to the Apple Xcode Development page of converting Objective-C to AppleScript Objective-C? That would really help. :slight_smile: