Drag & Drop Folder to Applescript to Delete Files in Subfolders

I’m looking for a starting point for an Applescript that would act in the following manner…

Drag and Drop a folder (most likely from a network share) onto an Applescript that deletes all files from specific subfolders. e.g.

Subfolder1 (don’t touch)
Subfolder2 (don’t touch)
Subfolder3 (don’t touch)
Subfolder4 (don’t touch)
Subfolder4a (don’t touch)
Subfolder4b (deletes all containing files)
Subfolder4c (deletes all containing files)
Subfolder5 (don’t touch)
Subfolder6 (don’t touch)

AND also deletes any additional folders that may exist where the name starts with the letters “VPS” (remaining characters after would be variable)

Any help on this is greatly appreciated.

Judging by the number of views vs replies I’m wondering if this sort of request is ideal on this form?