Drag & Drop Problem with "on open" Yosemite

Hello and Greetings from Germany,

here is a problem and i would like if the forum can confirm this or possibly a hint to handle this annoying new “feature”.

Make a simple droplet:

on open myfiles
    display dialog "This message should only appear one time, right?"
end open

Save as programm and drag some files on it “ it works normal. UNTIL a file is in myfiles with an extended attribute.

So you can make it: Simple open it in Preview (not save, just open and close).

Then the message appaers twice or more.


xattr -l /path/to/file

you can list the attributes. If it is 00042 or nothing, then droplet works normal. If it is com.apple.quarantine 0002 (Preview), the open handler can’t handle all files as one run.

Under Mavericks and early everything is ok.

What would you say? It is a real big Bug, hm?

Model: 10.10.1
AppleScript: 2.4
Browser: Safari 600.1.25
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.1.x)


So what files have extended attributes?


Hi, sorry if i have wrote my post not clearly and sorry for my english, that is not perfect.

As i wrote: “So you can make it: Simple open it in Preview (not save, just open and close).”
After opening in Preview a pdf file (for example) has this extended attribute.

And: The attr command is a shell-execute, so it is to executed in Terminal or in a “do shell script”-command, of course.

Files you excempt from TimeMachine Backup, Files you have downloaded that are set in quarantine, and at least it used to be files you gave a label color in Finder. I am not sure, but I think the finder comment also may be stored in the extended attribute, since xattr is a way to store a resource fork of a file.