Draw in Keynote

Hi All,

I would like to draw a series of lines in Keynote using AppleScript, is this possible? I have managed to do the same in Pages but I am having trouble in KeyNote. If it isn’t possible would I be able to import an image to a position within a slide?

Thanks in advance, Andy


As far as I know you cannot draw in Keynote, there is no command for it in its library. You can only import images into slides, but without the possibility to set their position:

tell application "Keynote"
	tell slideshow 1
		tell slide 1
			add file path ("Macintosh HD:Users:martin:Desktop:test.jpg") as alias
		end tell
	end tell
end tell

I always used RagTime for automatically building presentations, but unfortunately it has a certain price point…

Best regards,


Hi Martin,

That’s what I suspected. My other idea would be to work out the format used on the clipboard for a shape and reconstruct that to be pasted into a slide. I suppose I would still have the problem of positioning the item.

Thanks, Andy