Drawer Issues: how to set fixed width and height?

I have a drawer called “MyDrawer” attached to a window called “aWindow”. These are defined below(linked in IB)

property aWindow : missing value
property MyDrawer : missing value

The drawer display some results after an operation. Everything works fine. The problem is that when the drawer opens, the width of the drawer is same as that of the window(almost).This leaves a lot of empty space in the drawer which looks bad. I have fixed the width and height of the drawer content view to 500 X 500.
The size of my window is 800 X 150. I don’t how I can limit the size of drawer to 500 X 500 when it opens. Also the drawer slides, It animates in from the top of the window. When I close my drawer, it animates upwards and beyond the window. I see that there are some properties like constraints, offsets and content for drawer. What are these for ?
I tried messing with them, but most of the time the drawer content would get clipped or the window size would increase.

Found the explanation in Xcode’s Help topics. Drawers may be resized, but a drawer can never be larger than its parent.