Drawer pop down from title bar

How can I get a drawer pop down from main window title bar?

On Interface Builder inspector I can set Drawer Attributes Edge as Top, Bottom, Left and Right; but top edge open drawer up from title bar, not descending from it.


As far as I know, drawers only open above, below, to the left, or to the right of a window.

The UI element that opens down from the title bar is a called sheet. Drawers and sheets are very different. Drawers are generally modeless (they allow user interaction in the associated window) and sheets are modal (they prevent the user from clicking or typing in the main window while the sheet is open).

Most “Save” and “Save As.” dialogs are implemented as sheets (one must close the dialog before one can go back to working in the window ” the sheet prevents access to the main window). An example of a drawer is the side-mounted one in Preview that lets one switch pages (one can switch pages with the drawer or scroll/select/zoom/etc. in the main window ” the drawer does not prevent access the to main window).

I have only used these in Objective C, but I am sure the modality holds for AppleScript Studio as well.

. take a look at

/Developer/Examples/AppleScript Studio/Display Panel/
/Developer/Examples/AppleScript Studio/Open Panel/
/Developer/Examples/AppleScript Studio/Save Panel/

Thanks, I’m trying to add a sheet for Sparkle framework preferences, your suggestions really help me.