drawer problems...(fixed)

okay…this is making me feel extremely stupid. i have followed the instructions in the AS Studio reference to a tee on how to activate a drawer using a push button. but for the life of me, i can’t seem to get it to work. when i go to “Test Interface” from the File menu, it doesn’t work. when i build the app, the first thing i get is an error saying something about an applescript error due to some command. i know it has to do the with drawer, because i get the exact same message when i click the button that’s supposed to activate the drawer.

can anyone tell me how to get this to work? is there some simple script that i need to use that i haven’t found or am just too blind to see?

thanks in advance.

the specific error message i get is:

Applescript Error

i think i’m gonna give up on this thing. i obviously have no idea what i’m doing.

it was just something simple. i made a new connection to the drawer from a toggle button. finally found a reference in the documentation that showed how to do that…duh! :wink: