Drawer Snaps to smaller than the set constraints size ? can not resize

Hi All,
I am using Applescript Studio and I am having an issue with a Drawer.

If the Drawer resize handle is touched or dragged. the Drawer snaps to a very small width.
I can close and reopen it but I can not then resize it back?.
In IB I have the constraints size set to 700,433

Does anyone know how to solve this. Either in IB, or in the on will resize theObject proposed size proposedSize

Many thanks

Hi Mark,

The drawer cannot be larger than the window it is attached to. I have seen what you are describing and it always happened when the drawer somehow gets larger than the window (like when you programatically set sizes of stuff), thus when you try to resize it it snaps to the smaller size. I think this is your problem. The same applies when your try to make the drawer larger, it can’t go larger than the window in width or height no matter what you set in IB.

The drawer actually slides behind the main window when it is closed and that’s why it can’t be larger. That’s just the way apple made the drawer/window combo work.

Hi regulus6633 ( Hank ?),

Thanks for your answer, It is a shame thats the way of it. I will have to just change the layout.

I take it the same goes for the apple design of not being able to enable/disable a Text view of a scroll view…?

Looking at the documentation, “setEnabled:” is a method of an NSControl. So any classes that are a control-type object can be enabled/disabled. NSButton and NSSlider are examples of a control. NSTextView is not a control. However, NSTextView has “setEditable:” which would allow you to make it unusable and may suffice for what you need. This would do that…

call method “setEditable:” of myTextView with parameter false

Thanks again.

I have used visible. Which works just fine in this case. But I will look at Editable as that may fit with my needs better.