drawing points on a photoshop map using Applescript

Hi all,
i have a map of ireland which i want to use to indicate organic farms on.
i have GPS co-ordinates in a database and want to use those to draw a red dot on my map (one for each farm).

my question is: if i can figure out the correct co-ordinates, can i get apple script to generate a layer (red dot layer) with a red dot at those given co-ordinates.

if anyone has done anything like this (perhaps unlikely) or has any idea at all, i’d be delighted to hear back,


I don’t know about Photoshop, but iMagine Photo can draw individual pixels on a image. This provides two possible solutions. First, you could create a copy of your map and then draw the pixels on the copy. iMagine Photo doesn’t do layers, or second you could create a new image drawing your red dots onto it and then create a PNG file from that. By using a PNG file you can make the image transparent everywhere except where the red dots are - which is easy to do. You could then overlay the PNG file over your map.

If you would like to consider using iMagine Photo for this - it will be much faster than Photoshop just reply to this thread. If you can supply the coordinates - I could help with the iMagine Photo side of things.

I know Ireland is not particularly large but I think it is still large enough so that you might find that the conversion of gps coordinates to the maps cartesian coordinates difficult because the map is trying to represent a curved surface.

If you do manage to do it could I have a copy of the map, I assume it is of a organic farms with accomadation in Ireland.


thanks for your input, i have downloaded that software and will have a look at it.
the only downside to using non-photoshop software is that the guy who will be using the map has other locations such as Government Preservation Zones etc that he wants to interact with this red-dotting and they are all photoshop files so using photoshop is more ideal.
having said that, this does seem a more natural software to do this than photoshop so we’ll have to see.

yep, i can make the map available to you when it’s done (if it’s done, i haven’t promised the guy i would be able to do it yet without having a look at it).
what is your interest in organic?
lots of supporters these days. definitely a good thing.
accomodation wise, there is a list of organic restaurants/hotels around somewhere, maybe i can find that for you.
thanks again,

iMagine Photo can read photoshop files though it doesn’t deal with the layers properly.

I would recommend the PNG file format for this because photoshop can read them in and I believe overlay a PNG file with an alpha channel into a photoshop document.

As to organic, I mostly go for organic food, and when we take a break we usually try and stay somewhere like for example when we went to Cornwall to see the Eden Project and the Lost Gardens of Heligan we did self catering on a organic farm.


hi kevin,
i’ve thought about this a bit more and had actually come to the same conclusion, more or less. the whole project can stay in photoshop, with iMagine simply creating one PNG layer that is subsequently brought in to photoshop.
I downloaded iMagine but haven’t really looked at it yet.

i am away for the weekend and i’m waiting for someone to send me the map of Ireland and a red-dot layer. My main question is this:
if i can take one set of GPS co-ordinates (i.e. a farm’s location)and accurately figure out where on the map the red dot goes and put it there, can i then create a function that takes GPS co-ordinates as an argument and puts an according red dot on the map?

Presumably, most “functionality” that iMagine has, is AppleScript based?
I would definitely appreciate your offer of help on this.
would you like to email me, pomalley@gmail.com.
once i have your email address, i can post you some of the materials and i won’t lose you in the middle of a message board somewhere!