Drive and printermapping

Is it possible to do this?
I have an Active Directory domain, and the DC is a Windows 2003 box.
I want my mac users to be able to get their drives and printers mapped in through a script at logon.

Can AppleScript do this? I know Automator can, but an automator created application does not seem to work on pre-Tiger versions of OSX, hence this post.

Could you look at the code for the automator actions to see how they do it in Tiger?

I have found a way to map drives. Ridiculously easy. I am sure there are better ways of doing them… But welll… All I did was this:
mount volume “smb://DOMAIN;path/”
end try

Which does the job. A tell application “finder” and then following with the “mount” command worked fine too, but try is better as it does not give you an error message if it fails.

I still don´t know how to map printers though…
And I am rather stuck on how to make the script be run on login for the domain users. It seems wether I refer to it in the Group Policy, or directly on the user the mac does not launch the script. Which is annoying :stuck_out_tongue:

Does anyone have any ideas on how to make the script run on logon for the mac users - even if it is the first time they log on?