Drop Down style windows like System Preferences

In ASOC is it possible to obtain that smooth drop down window style that applications like system preferences and Onyx use to animate switching tabs. I tried using sheets (don’t ask why haha) but that of course locked up the toolbar

Hey Eric
Have a look at BWToolkit framework, its a 3rd party framework and Im using it to achieve a similar effect in my current project.

It does preference type windows and sheets.


You might also look into DBPrefsWindowController 1.1.2

Thanks guys both link’s helped a ton, di11on, do you periodically get an “Assertion Failure” in IB when using BWToolKit or did I Include the framework incorrectly. It doesn’t seem to be hindering any of the app or frameworks functions but thought it was worth mentioning


If I have left the window open when saving the IB file then yes the next time I open it, that error pops up, but as you say it does not seem to have any adverse effect and now I just make sure that I keep that window closed as I have finished editing it anyway.