Drop files - on icon or window

I am trying to write an application that processes a batch of files which can either be:

Dropped on the application icon (on open theFiles)
Dropped on an area in the window after it has launched.

Similar in function to many programs, but I can only seem to create a droplet to process dropped files or create and app that processes files dropped on the application.

Is there a way of getting both to work?

To create an app that can recieve files via the icon it has to be a doc based app (I think). You might have to find a droplet-document based app to do so… Hope this helps.:wink:

Model: iMac Core Duo
Browser: Safari 417.9.2
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.4)

I think the most convenient way to do this is to

  • start with the ‘applescript droplet’ type,
  • remove the ‘quit’ in the ‘on open’ handler and
  • add a Window in IB manually (don’t forget to set ‘Visible at launch time’)
  • then add your drop target object in this window
  • and connect it to an ‘on drop’ handler
    Now you should have an application with the requested behaviour.

hope that helps.