droplet won't open folders

Hi All,
I have been using the

on application_openFiles_(sender, fileList)
		log "enter"
		set theFile to item 1 of fileList as text
		set my sourcePath to item 1 of fileList as text
		set my sourceURL to NSURL's fileURLWithPath_(theFile)
		thesourceField's setStringValue_(theFile)
		my UpdateImageInfo_(sourceURL)
		return true
end application_openFiles_

with good success. All OK on lion but just did some testing on 10.6.8 and the icon will only accept files, not folders.

I added the public.directory to the properties list but still no go. I tried it in the UTI column then the class columns but still no dice. Any ideas anyone? Has anyone tried this on Snow Leopard?

Thanks, Rob

Ok, Sorry - I figured it out after googling a round some more.

In the properties, you have to enter “fold” in the OS types. The public.folder didn’t do it, though it did work on Lion.

Cheers, Rob