I’d like to write a ‘droplet’ script that will run either standalone or in Dropzone to do the following:

If a .torrent URL is dropped, open the URL on my remote Vuze server (using the HTML Web UI)
If a .torrent file is dropped, open the file on the same as above

Can anyone offer any points on doing this? An alternative to sending via the HTML UI would be to transfer the files to a network share that is monitored by Vuze, though I don’t think this approach will work for URL’s.

At the moment the workflow goes something like this:

  • Either save (for files) or copy (for URL) from the source location
  • Open the Vuze HTML UI
  • Select to upload a file or paste the URL
  • Locate the file, select, and upload
  • Alternatively submit the URL
  • (Optionally) move the saved .torrent file to the trash

Any pointers much appreciated.