Duplicating files, from one folder to another only if newer?

Right first off, if I had a £ for every applescript program I have written I would have £1!

I am trying to write a backup script to back up all data from one folder to another, however I only want it copy the files from the “Master folder” to the “Backup folder” if the files in the backup folder are older or do not exist.

I have so far written something like this;

Tell application "Finder"
Duplicate folder "Master" of disk "OSX" to folder "Backup" of disk "OSX"  with replacing
End tell

The problem is with the above bit of code is that it copies the whole folder every time (about 1.4Gb) I use it. If I use the “replacing No” command the application bombs because it finds there are files already there and gives up.


Thanks for taking the time to read this


Model: G5
Browser: Firefox 1.0.4
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.3.9)

I think you would have to backup the files one by one, and compare the info from one to another, the only problem with that is that it gets complicated if you have nested folders. basically, you can get the modification date of a file like this:

set md to modification date of (info for File1)