Duplicating Photoshop templates with new name

I’m only starting with apple script and this may sound very stupid.
I have 5 templates files (photoshop) (EditDV) (FP5) (HTML) (.Mov) and I need to duplicate each of them them assigning a new name. Each file will be duplicated several times and each new name can be found on a separate text file telling Apple script how to call the newly duplicated file and where to put it on my computer.
Template file for an EditDV project with filters all set and titling already prepared
Template for Photoshop with different actions already prepared
Template for Filemaker Pro
The text file is ljust a list of codes and names

I have a hard time trying to understand how to do it, and I am quite lost

Thank you for your help

I don’t think you’ve provided enough information for anyone to help you directly.

You say you have 5 template files and a text file containing a list of file names, right?

Where’s the relationship between the filenames and the template the file should be based on. Presumably you don’t want them random.

What’s the significance of “… with filters all set and titling already prepared” in the EditDV example. Is this something your script needs to be aware of? action in any way?

Also, and example of the text file that’s driving this would help, including what you’d expect to get out at the end.

I would like to get a number of duplicates of the same original. Each duplicate should have a name taken from a text file which read as follows
and so on.
The original files already have their own rutines enabled so the Applescript should do nothing more than copy them and assign a new name taken from the text file. Possibly the script should also place them in a specific folder.
In my mind as the text file reaches the end (example A100) the script should end. I have seen some examples and I think I could create a script which asks me where the textt file is located and where is the folder to generate the duplicates. HOwever I am not able to do such thing.
As for the files to duplicate:
I have 3 Edit DV file: EditDV is a video editing program, each file has a series of different presets and filters.
I have a Photoshop file with some actions already specified
I have a filmaker template already scripted wich collects different information from my hard drive.
When I do this manually ( and I have done this so far ) I cut the name from the text file, and save the ‘files as’ paste in the name which is in the clipboard. Although I can use the ‘record function’ in Aplle script in Text-Edit I have to paste manually the content of the clipboard because I am uanble to record that ‘name’ and past it automatically. It is a terribly consuming long job.

I hope this clearify my problem.
Thanks again