DVD Player...Keep Viewer on top of other apps?

I’m using DVD Player 4.0. I don’t see anything in preferences that allows you to check a box to make the viewer stay on top of other applications. I’ve been looking into making an Applescript to make this possible without any luck. Is this function even scriptable?

Here’s the deal: I keep the viewer in half size and play movies at work. However, whenever I toggle to other applications, they (naturally) cover up the Viewer. It seems it should be feasible to keep the Viewer on top. Is this option offered in newer versions?

Can anyone offer me any insight into how this can be done? Much appreciated.

just an idea-
you’d need to have a floating window, because, assuming you have a “stay open” applescript that makes DVD player the frontmost app, the second you clicked on another window to type/whatever, the DVD player window would resume being frontmost app and your clicks would be in vain!

You are looking to do something like what Jonn8 did with an application he made called Alpha Viewer. It works like the application “Clock” in your default apps. It displays photos over all other windows. He said he was developing it to handle more formats. DVD player window, Jonn?