DVD Player Scripting -- chapter change events?

My first question may be a simple AppleScript question. I’ve been writing software for 30+ years and am quite comfortable with numerous scripting languages, mostly in the UN*X environment.

  1. I’d like to trigger a handler upon an event generated by a script-able application. Presumably this would be some sort of “on [event] [i]handler/i” syntax. Is this generally correct?

  2. Specifically with the Apple DVD Player application, I want to write a handler triggered on a DVD “chapter change” event, but I’m unable to find such an event in the DVD Player sdef.

Would I need to “poll” the DVD Player to detect the chapter change? For now, this seems the only approach available.

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Hi Jon,

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You’re right, the only way to watch a chapter change in DVD Player with AppleScript is to poll the chapter property.
But it might be possible to create such an event in Objective-C using the DVDPlayback.framework