Dynamically change # columns in Table View?


I have a general question regarding using a table view in my application. I’m creating a droplet application that allows someone to drop a text delimited (comma, tab, etc.) file onto it. When this happens a window with a table view will appear and (hopefully) display the contents of the text file in a table. Since each text file could vary in the number of columns/rows, I was wondering if I can dynamically change the number of columns defined in my table view? Or do I need to define the table view with the largest possible number of columns that might be expected?

Is it correct that I can simply create new rows to address the variable number of lines in each file?

I’m asking this question because I defined a table with one column and now I’m creating data with more than one column. I’m not getting an error in my applescript code, but I’m also not seeing anything display in my table view.

Thanks in advance,