Easier finder navigation

which process specifies what you see on the desktop of our main screen?
i don’t know if my idea is crazy, but rotating the items of other folders on main screen would be helpful.

It’s an scroll area (older OS X version it’s an borderless window) in the Finder process. What is shown on the desktop can’t be altered with AppleScript.

But there are third party products who can enhance your desktop:
this on actually have multiple desktops:

DJ Bazzie Wazzie,
thank you for being so clear.
The products on market are mostly eye-candies and not interesting as navigation experiences.
Bumptop.app maybe, but no. No new design for practical use. Uff, i know only applescript.


What kind of navigation are you after really. Would you care to give some examples? :slight_smile:

Hi MacUsr,
ok, i like to design.
i thought about a new and practical navigation system. The “Finder” is something underrated, because it should integrate more Document, Workflow, Knowledge and Content-Management tools than eye candies. Those “candies” begun to appear from From Leopard and up.
Also the 2d view of the finder windows is primitive. I would add windows, but more-dimensional windows.
Bumptop is nice as starting point. However, i would code something more practical within, including:
Think of a window like of the inner walls of a cube; there are 6 “areas” in between you can switch by clicking on the next wall.

-stockpile area (drop area )
-project area (file evaluation and association)
-presentation area
-tasks ares (ical, notes, ect)
-spaces (change work area)
-mission control, expose (focus area)

these are some ideas.

That is interesting!

There are several 3-D filesystems out there. I have played with one, or two, but I didn’t feel comfortable with any of them, maybe because they were work in progress.

As far as the other things. I think we are all a bunch of diverse people, that have different workflows, and different needs. But your ideas are sure interesting.

I use the desktop as a drop area! :slight_smile: And the spaces I use as I need them, for a variety of task, mostly to isolate something from the rest. Hiding of applications, is also something I do, when I don’t need them to avoid clutter.

But most of all what helps me, is search functions. I can find a safari tab easily, and the same with a shell window.

I am starting to getting scripts for searching for specific files. (handlers!)

As for the visuals, or workspaces, I make them up as I go along, thinking I can’t generalize to much, but uses finder to find back to a specific space when it is all cluttered, as a finder window, and a directory is usually involved.

As you by now understand, I have resignated! :smiley: