easy one there ...

…but I don`t know how to figure it out.

I want to trace a variables result e.g. in a loop.
I know the command return, but with this command the Script always
stops and returns the variable.

How can I trace a variables value, without stopping the whole Script?

Thanks in advance

A bit more detail would help here. Not exactly sure what you want.
Do you just want to be able to see the value that some variable has picked up?
In that case, I would recommend a display dialog. This would allow you to see the variable’s value without stopping the script entirely.

Also, post your code. This gives people a starting point to help you with.

Sorry T.J.

i think I left some important stuff.

I work with the normal Skripteditor.
There I have a result window (hope that`s the name in english)
I can return values to this window with the return command.
But how can I trace a value e.g.

repeat with i from 1 to 10
set i to i + 1

return i
end repeat

This returns 2 in the result window and the whole script stops!
How can I see the variable i counting up from 1 to 10 in the result window
without stopping my Script?

thanks in advance
mr. funky

open the event log and try it that way:

repeat with i from 1 to 10
	log i
end repeat

:and forget the i=i+1, the repeat loop does it for you :wink:

Would using a ‘property’ help…

property i : 0 -- the starting point
set i to i + 1 -- legal mathematical operands acceptable