Edit an Automator Workflow?

I have a workflow that tells a browser (SeaMonkey) to do stuff. It was created by using Automator’s “Record” button combined with a couple of AppleScripts. I’d like to be able to use this workflow with Safari or FireFox without redoing the recording. Can I edit part of the “Watch Me Do” block? For instance, one of the lines is:

– set uiScript to “click window "Oracle Developer Forms Runtime - Web: Open > SSASECT" of application process "SeaMonkey"”

I’d like to be able to change “SeaMonkey” to “Safari”. I tried pasting it into TextEdit, editing the lines, and pasting them back into Automator but that didn’t work. I can do that in AppleScript… And it looks like I need the Automator/AppleScript combo to get the job done. I’m not enough of a scriptor to be able to do it all in AppleScript, but that would sure make these changes easier.