Edit Default text in Tableview

I feel like such a tool…I have some default text in a tableview in the Interface builder and cannot delete it. I put the text there for learing to use the tableview, completed my script and now cannot delete the text.

Also where do I get the version of AS I am using? I think I usually go to the editor, but that doesn’t seem right.

Thank you very much,

Model: Imac g4
Browser: Safari 531.21.10
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.4)


the text in a table view is normally in a text field cell which is a child of a table column which is a child of the table view (which is a child of a scroll view which is a child of the window)

I read that in an article here at MS that helped me set the tableview up. But I have doulble clicked everything and checked all the properties of the table and columns but cannot figure out how to alter the text.


I appologize. The default text does not show in the built project.

Sorry for the irrelevant question,