ejecting disc tray in jaguar

ok i have jaguar and i don’t want to just unmount a volume. i want the disc tray to open/close on my G4 emac. i searched for this but couldn’t find anything useful for this. is there a script to simply open and close it? it sounds like it would be an easy script but from reading others comments, it doesn’t sound to easy. i would also perfer not to have to download something but will if i need to.

Not very smart, but you could use:

tell application "iTunes" to «event aevtejct»

thanks. it worked.

This thread has a solution for opening the CD tray in 10.3 but it may work in 10.2 (I can’t test):


Edit: looking at the man page for drutil (the command line tool used in the thread mentioned above), it says it first appeared in Mac OS X 10.3.


yeah i saw that thread already. I did a search for this question before i asked and i did find that but that command doesn’t work in 10.2.x
thanks for trying though.