Em dashes change to hyphens when scripting a Save As in Word

I am working on an Applescript that makes text changes in a Word file, then saves it as a plain text file. However, when I open the resulting file, all em dashes have changed to hyphens. Interesting, if I save as plain text in Word without using the script, the em dashes are fine.

Here is the relevant part of my script:

execute find find object of myRange find text "--" replace with ¬
				"^+" replace replace all -- Replace two consecutive hyphens with em dash.
			save as active document file name myGalley file format format  text -- myGalley is the variable for the resulting file name.
			-close active document

Any ideas on how to preserve the em dashes would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


I had a similar problem, with converting from Word to RTF.
Never got a good answer…