Emabrased Newbie need help setting variables from .csv

After spending the last 2 hours trying to find the answer via the search function, I am posting this request for help. I’m sure this is somewhere on the forum, but I can’t fine it.

My problem. I have an excell spreadsheet via googles spreadsheet app. The doc has 5 colums with the titles:
Title Price Location Description Picture

I exported that to a csv file on my local hard drive with the path: Users:admin:Documents:Local.csv

What I am trying to do is create 5 separate variables with applescript that i’m going to pass into quickeys. I know how to set-up and pass a variable when there is only one variable in the document. Ex:

set City to read file “Users:admin:Documents:AllCities.csv” using delimiter “,”
set value of variable named “AllCities” to City as list
set value of variable named “NumberCities” to count of City

but this different csv has 5 different variables in it: Title, Price, Location, Description, Picture

Any help would be very appreciated. Thanks.

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