email.cgi not working in AS above 1.4.3

Hello all,

I have been using a script called “email.cgi” written by Eric Lease Morgan. This has been around for a long time (since 1994 as I recall) and I have made some modifications to my version of it to enhance its features for my use. The original script and my modified version had been running fine on my appleshare IP web server (mac OS 9.0.4, appleshare 6.3.1) to email form information.

Just recently I have had to upgrade to the latest version of mac OS and Appleshare IP (9.2.2 and 6.3.3 respectively) due to mac OSX client connection problems. With the mac OS update to 9.2.2 comes a new version of applescript (it was 1.7, but I now installed 1.8.3 as the latest version). As soon as I did this, the email.cgi script no longer works (either of the original or my modified one). I get an error from the server saying the script did not give a timely response and is unlikely to be a cgi. After some head scratching I thought maybe it was the version of applescript, so I put on the version that was previously on the server (both the extension and the additions). Suddenly the scripts worked again. By trying lots of versions, I see that 1.8.3, 1.7 and 1.6 all don’t work. However, as soon as I go back to 1.4.3, the script functions perfectly.

I can view the script in the 1.8.3 editor, check the syntax and then compile the script - all this is fine. However, it just doesn’t run. This seems most strange to me. All the information in AS1.8.3 indicates that it will run all scripts made in AS1.1 and above… Would I not get a syntax or compile error if the email.cgi script contained some script component from a pre1.1 version? (As I said, the script has been around for while and so I don’t know in which version it was first written in).

I have put a post on the Apple AS forum, but not had any success with sorting this out. I guess you could ask why I am bothering, since it works with the older AS. However, would it not work even better under the latest AS version (if it ran…) - plus it is one of those really annoying things that must have an answer and I don’t like giving on them :wink:

Sorry for the long post, but without some details I imagine nobody can suggest a solution.

Any help really appreciated.


I know that cgi-applescript was broken in 1.6…
I would try copy-paste the script in a fresh new window, then save to a new location… Some times, when you overwrite an “old” script, it can get corrupted…
Wait! I remember several bugs with the “newest” versions of the Script Editor, but I don’t know what were exactly the versions… Problems saving scripts.

Maybe you can try compile-saving your stuff with Smile, which is pretty less buggie…

And, if you are interested, you could take a look to AS 1.8.2b3, which was the best release (for me) since 1.4.3 & 1.3.7 times…