Email OSAX

I heavily used the old mail.osax with many applications. Now that I’m moving up to Mac OS 10.15, I see the code no longer compiles…Looking for a simple alternative to use to send email with attachments, without using a mail client. The OSAX used my company’s SMTP server. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks!

Since no osax exists anymore, I once found a open source code for a small unix program called mailsend.

I had downloaded it and compiled it on Mac with Apple’s Xcode.
It can be used in Applescript using the “do shell script” command.

Since there doesn’t seem to be a way to attach files in this forum,
I would be willing to email the executable to you, if you message me privately.

Today, we can use mailcore2.framework to prepare eml files and send messages with AppleScript.

I wrote some AppleScript to read eml files.