emailing files from .csv list and excel

I’ve been trying to do this myself but keep coming up against hurdles.
I am using Excel 2011 and wish to create an Applescript script that will do the following
I have a number of reports (about 30 generated by one spreadsheet) in Excel and I want to save them as PDFs based on a code for the report code + yymm as in E5014D1007, E5029D1007 for July, and E5014D1008, E5029D10078 for August etc.
My first problem is I’m using VipRiser to generate the PDFs and it saves them one at a time with a generated prefix + the Excel Filename. eg 27818-Monthly_2010.xlsb.pdf. How do I rename the file based on a cell containing name I wish to use eg E5014D1007 when I don’t know what VipRiser is going to call the file. I have got so close but no cigar. I’m, just stuck on the file to rename bit.

The second part of the problem is I’d then like to have a drop on folder that will send the files based on the prefix e.g. E5014D to the respective email address. I thought this would be done by having a csv file in the folder with fileprefix, email address. Has any body done this before and can give me some clues.
Thanks in advance for your help.

Hi All,

Thinking about this further.

Would the following work?

Set VipRiser destination to a folder with an action attached.
That action renames file to code+yymm from cell in excel and then moves the file to folder yymm.

I’m sure there will be traps in this solution like error handling in case someone drops another file in the folder.

I’m new to Applescript and feel I’m biting off a bit more than I can chew.