Embedded buttons within table column

How would I do something like this:


Where objects like buttons are embedded within a table column?

I could be wrong but you might need to dabble in Objective-C to achieve that. You could always just drag the buttons overtop of the table, but I don’t know if that will work for whatever you’re doing. Just a suggestion

Just drag a “Pop Up Button Cell”, or whatever type of cell you want, into the column in Interface Builder.


oh yeah, i forgot you could do that now, lol

I tried that already, the button just stays on top of the column

Are you sure you are dragging in a “Pop Up Button Cell” and not a “Pop Up button”?

If you are using a “Pop Up button”, then it will just appear once, “on top” of the table, since you can’t place it in a table.

If you use a “Pop Up Button Cell”, you put it in whatever column(s) you want in the table. You also need to write code to populate the table with rows, including values for that column etc, or else running it will show now rows of data and therefore you can’t see the actual cell that you designed.