Embedding a precompiled applescript app into AS project, then using it

I’ve been working on an script that will update the application it resides within (see my post here http://bbs.applescript.net/viewtopic.php?id=20524). I’ve written a self standing applescript application that will get it’s location, which will be inside the AStudio App’s Resources folder. When run, it will find out which application it resides in, tell that to quit, copy the contents of the new application’s version from our local server, then restart the app. When I have the package contents of the App open and manually copy this script in, I can run it. It runs as intended (“a greata successa!”).
But my trouble is inside AStudio. I have copied the compiled/working script “Update.app” into my AStudio project into the Resources folder. At first, the icon changed to a blank icon. I then went into the info panel for the script and changed its filetype to “sourcecode.applescript” and then to “sourcecode.scpt”. But when I compile the compete App, I can’t get this file to run. If I show the package contents of the compiled App, the icon is blank and I can’t double click it to run it manually. It appears that AS is trying to recompile or somehow just foo up my file. I really only need it to ‘go along’ with the completed Application package.
Is there a setting or preference I am missing to not have AStudio fiddle with the file when it compiles?

FWIW I am still on 10.39 and AStudio/XCode 1.5