embedding placed art in Illustrator?


Could someone help me out since I’m pretty new to Applescript. I’m trying to create a script that will select all items, embed the linked files, and save as an Illustrator 10 file. I’m using Illustrator 10. I noticed that Save As EPS has this option but isn’t it possible also in saving into .ai?


I don’t know if anybody knows how to save with linked files embedded in Illustrator 10, but I found that save as EPS can do that. However, my applescript doesn’t work. I appreciate your help …

This is what the Illustrator dictionary lists:

Class EPS save options: Options which may be supplied when saving a document as an Illustrator EPS file
embed linked files boolean – are linked image files to be included in the saved document

This is my applescript … it doesn’t embed linked files … I tried using {properties:embed linked files} or {embed linked files:true} which gives me an error.

tell application “Adobe Illustrator 10”
tell document 1 to convert to paths (every text art item)
save document 1 as eps with embed linked files
end tell

tell application "Adobe Illustrator"
	set thisDoc to current document
	embed placed items of thisDoc
end tell

this works on CS3 and CS5…should work fine for Illustrator 10

you can save as a “.AI” file with something like this:

tell application "Adobe Illustrator"
	set theFilePath to file path of some file --create you save file path here
	save document 1 in alias theFilePath as Illustrator with options {compatibility:Illustrator 10, compressed:false, font subset threshold:0.0, PDF compatible:true}
	close document 1 saving no
end tell

Just combine it together with Walts code and your practically there.