Employ the day of the week?

I’m new to this. Is there a way to use the day of the week in an If command? I’m trying to design scripts for iTunes so that I never have to hear “Monday, Monday” unless it’s a Monday, “Saturday in the Park” on any day but Saturday (or, I think, the 4th of July), and so on. If scripts like this exist, lemme know. If this is impossible, also lemme know. I’m just trying to perfect my musical world.

Thanks all,

This might get you started…

(current date) as string
set y to word 1 of the result
if y is "Sunday" then
	beep -- do your script stuff here
end if

Or if you prefer you can use a do shell script…

set x to (do shell script "date +%A")
if x is "Sunday" then
	say "It's Sunday"
end if

This also returns the weekday

weekday of (current date)