Empty Drawer

I have a drawer in my app, and I can make it open and close, and it’s centered, etc. However, in the NSView associated with the drawer in IB, I have a text field which I am filling programmatically. When the drawer opens, the text field is not visible. I am stumped - how can I get the text field to show? I have opened the drawer to the max size, but I can’t see the field. It appears just fine in IB…

You’d have to post your project somewhere so we can take a look. It sounds like you’re doing it right so looking at the project would be the only way to help.

Hey Hank,

thanks for replying. Actually, after much head-scratching, I changed the drawer to open on the right, instead of the bottom, and now the field appears. Try as I might (adjusting positioning, using the “springs” in IB, I can’t get the field to appear when the draw opens on the bottom of the window. So, on the right side it stays, until I figure someting else out.