Empty pages, non-compiling scripts

This page serves nothing…
Firefox and Safari - Nothing displays and no document.

Is anyone else seeing the wrong character encoding for not equal?
≠ ≠ ≠ ≠ not equal to

using “Open this Scriplet in your Editor:” or copy and paste

There is another I ran into recently, dont remember which it was.

Hi xjonnie.

Sorry for this late reply. I’ve only just spotted your post.

That page opens OK for me in both Firefox and Safari, but there are one or two dotted around the site which no longer open. Mark was trying to find out why this was, but I don’t know how far he got with it.

Many of the older posts on the site contain unfortunate peculiarities which are due to updates to the BBS software since they were posted. The newer versions use different encodings for non-ASCII characters and misinterpret the encodings in the older posts. I see the script in the post to which you linked above contains such a misinterpretation of the not-equal sign. Also, at some point, the BBS software has recognised that a couple of strings in the script contain URLs and has taken it upon itself to insert [url] and [/url] tags — or HTML which displays these tags — into them!

I can only apologise on behalf of MacScripter — although it’s something that’s beyond my personal control. I believe the ambition is eventually to repair such anomalies, possibly in connection with porting the entire site to a different system. Obviously this would require the writing of some script to go through the entire MacScripter archive.

Thanks for pointing out the problem. I hope you and anyone else reading this will be able to cope with it until such time as it’s fixed. :confused: