Enable Edit > Find menu?

I’ve hunted high and low without finding a solution to this… hopefully a more seasoned veteran of AppleScript Studio can help me out here.

I have an application created in AS Studio with an embedded Web View component. I’d like to enable the Edit > Find menu for this component, but nothing seems to work. The menu items are their in Interface Builder, but when the app is built and launched, all of the Find-related options are greyed out.

Any suggestions?



look at http://macscripter.net/viewtopic.php?id=24659

Wow, thanks much. I did search for it first before posting, but didn’t come across the article you linked. Lots of goodness in there-- I’ve bookmarked it for future use.

Thanks again!

This doesn’t seem to work with a WebView, unless I’m missing something. I’ve added the index numbers to Find and its friends, dragged a connection to FirstResponder, and verified that, for example, the Find menu item is connected as follows:

Sent Actions: performFindPanelAction

I also tried creating an outlet from Find to the Web View, and that didn’t work either. As before. the Edit > Find is enabled, but all of the actions in the submenu are greyed out.