Enabling Dimensions and Resolution columns of new Pictures directory

I am using Applescript a new “Pictures” directory inside the directory of the front most window of finder, using this

tell application "Finder"
    set currentDir to insertion location as alias
    make new folder at currentDir with properties {name:"Pictures"} 
end tell

Every “Pictures” directory, seen by finder, has columns that no other directory has like “Dimensions” and “Resolution”. My goal here is to enable these columns on the new Pictures directory, so they are enable, when it is seen by Finder.

Nope, these columns do not appear on the “Show View Options” for the folder.

For this reason, telling a window to

    set visible of column id dimensions column of list view options of currentFolder to true

will not work because “dimensions” apparently is not a valid id…
Is there a way to do that?