Entire website to pdf?

Hi All,

As web-designers we all have clients that want to backup their sites to view
offline/etc. I was wondering if there is a previous post here that might
have some bits that would allow for:

  1. Set location: http://somesite.com (easy, got this one)
  2. Recursively go though each page link (not sure how to detect this one)
  3. Save each page location as pdf (or ps, etc.)

I’ve written some decent AS and understand most programming languages,
but #2 is a bit out of my league!

Thanks in advance --Philip

fetch the page, grep through the html… at least thats the first thing that pops in my head. i would write an example, but don’t have the time to at the moment. There is prolly also an easier way =) I tend to make too frequent use of shell scripts within my AppleScript