Entourage 2008 Forward as Attachment

In Entourage 2008, if you select a message and hit ctrl-apple-J, Entourage creates a new message window with the selected message as an attachment.
The behavior is strange: if I send this message to a gmail account and retrieve it with Apples Mail.app, the attachment name is just “mime-attachment.eml”. But Mail successfully opens it. It is the only way I have found, however, to attach an email message in such a way that Mail.app is able to open the message.
If I send the message to an Exchange account and retrieve it with Entourage, the attachment name is the subject of the attached message.
Anyway, I am trying to find an Applescript way of reproducing this ctrl-apple-J behavior. I would like to be able to forward messages as attachments to an account that Mail.app can read, and have Mail.app open the attachment.
Any help is welcome. :slight_smile: