Entourage 2008 Moving from POP to Exchange, updating scripts

We have our email hosted by Rackspace and I just switched my mailbox from POP/IMAP to hosted Exchange. I’ve been going through and recreating my Rules to move mail into the Exchange versions of my mail folders, and now I’m looking at AppleScript. For example, I have this simple script for filing some selected mail…

tell application "Microsoft Entourage"
        set theMsgs to current messages
        repeat with i from (count theMsgs) to 1 by -1
                set theMsg to item i of theMsgs
                move theMsg to folder "Child" in folder "Parent"
        end repeat
end tell

I have duplicated both the “Parent” and “Child” folders in my Exchange account, what do I need to do to my AppleScript so that when this script is run it will use the Exchange versions of these folders instead of the folders that have been “On My Computer”?