Entourage 2008 - Script to check outgoing e-mail

Hi all

I am looking for some guidance/assistance in creating a script for entourage 2008, I have some previous knowledge in creating apple scripts however this is limited.

I have had a look around but can’t find anywhere that is explicit enough for my need so any help would be very much appreciated.

I want the script to check if the email that is about to be sent has an attachment, if so check the email address and if it differs from a specified term and ask if it actually needs to be sent.


  • Send button clicked

  • Is attachment present?

  • If so does the email address contain specified term (i.e '@company.co.uk")

    • If yes, send mail

    • If no, produce dialogue box confirming email needs to be sent

Is this kind of script even possible to create using applecript?

Assistance from this forum has been top notch in the past!

Any help would be great.