Entourage Attachment Query...

Hi there,

Please can someone point me in the right direction.

I’ve recently created a droplet for creating an Entourage email, with common body matter, attaching the pdf that was dropped onto the droplet. This all works fine apart from one slight niggle.

When I drop a pdf on to the droplet I get the message ‘Encoding Attachment…’, for a second or two, and then the new email opens up complete with the recipients, body copy and the file attached.

If I drop the same pdf straight onto the Entourage Icon in the dock a new email opens up straight away without the encoding bit.

I’ve tried setting the attachment encoding, in the droplet, to AppleDouble as per the Entourage prefs but I still get the message encoding attachment?

Is there anyway round this? Should I be using a different attachment encoding?

I’ve also noticed that the pdf appears in the body of the email when using the droplet however this isn’t the case when dropping the pdf onto the Entourage Icon?

Any ideas?



Here’s what I use:

tell application “Microsoft Entourage”
set theMsg to (make new outgoing message with properties {recipient:theRecipient, name:theSubject, content:theContent, sender:theSender, priority:highest, attachment:theAttachment})

– where theAttachment is a file path, eg, “HD:folder:folder:filename.pdf”)

-- send theMsg

end tell

Browser: Safari 531.21.10
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.5)

Thanks for the reply Kerflooey and for the code.

Your code is 95% the same as what I’m using however I tried it just out of interest.

I’m still getting the ‘Encoding Attachment…’ dialog when I use the droplet with the amended code, I don’t get this however when I drop the PDF straight onto the Entourage Icon in the dock. A new message opens with the PDF file listed in the ‘Attachments’ window.

I have also noticed that when I use the droplet the pdf file appears in the body section of the new email however, if I drop the file straight onto the Entourage Icon, it doesn’t.

Not sure what is causing the difference or whether or not I can change this.

Thanks again for your input.



Found a nice post that has answered the question:-


Create a new message, open it, then add the attachment.

Works a treat.

Note to Self: Search a little harder next time! :confused: