Entourage events from Filemaker

I have an applescript that creates an Entourage calendar event:
tell application “Microsoft Entourage”
set SubjectName to the clipboard
�����set new_event to make new event with properties {subject:SubjectName, content:“Brita&james”, start time:date “Saturday, April 3, 2004 12:00:00 AM”}
����end tell

This works great. The only problem is that the SubjectName is transferred from Filemaker via clipboard. I only have one clipboard but I also want the content and start time :date to be from a Filemaker record. Is there a way to have three clipboards or to transfer several values?
Thank you very much

I think it makes more sense if I describe the what I am trying to do as a whole:
In filemaker I create a new record and type a date into the date field. I want this date to be inserted as a calendar event into Entourage. The problem is that any Applescript that could do that would have to be self-triggering (rather than having to press a button every time to create an Entourage calendar event.) I thought I could have the script run automatically every time the database opens or closes but this database will stay open permanently, so this will not work. Once I delete a certain record in filemaker I want the calendar event associated with this record to also be deleted. Is that possible?
I truly appreciate any help.

First, why are you using the clipboard at all?

Assuming your database has fields called ‘subject’, ‘content’ and ‘date’ you can do something like this:

 tell application "Filemaker Pro"
   tell current database
      tell current record
         set theSubject to cell "subject"
         set theContent to cell "content"
         set theDate to cell 'date"
      end tell
   end tell
end tell

-- now you have the three fields you need, so transfer them to Entourage:

tell application "Microsoft Entourage" 
     set new_event to make new event with properties {subject: theSubject, content:theContent, start time:date theDate} 
end tell 

As for automatically creating/deleting the associated events as records are created/deleted in Filemaker, you’ll have to have some kind of trigger, such as a button or ScriptMaker script that links the two.