Entourage - forward email withour prefix FW: in subject line

I need a piece of script written to forward specifically addressed emails coming into my mailbox, to yac.com (which converts emails and sends them to a fax). I use Entourage, but will use Mail if that is better? I am happy to pay for this :slight_smile:

I have used the ˜rules’ within Entourage to forward/redirect, which almost completes the task except for one VITAL problem “ it ALWAYS puts FW: first in the new message; but for the yac service to work the first part of the subject MUST be the password to my yac.com account; and so this is being bounced back (even though I cant see the FW: in the subject??)

My rule was:
Any to recipient > is > email address
Forward to: > yac address
Change subject to: > replace with: > yac password
Move message to: >sent folder

Is there any way to automate this process with an applescript so that the new outgoing email does not place FW: first in the subject; or create a new email automatically, address it with new subject and send automatically?