Entourage forwarding query...

Hi All,

I’m trying to write a script to forward a selected email to multiple recipients.
I’ve read the dictionary and tried a few variations on a theme but as yet no luck.

Here’s the script I’ve been using as a starting point.

tell application "Microsoft Entourage"
   set theSelection to selection
   set theCurrentMessage to item 1 of theSelection
   forward theCurrentMessage to "a@b.xx.yy" with opening window
end tell

Please can someone point me in the right direction.



If you use a comma-delimited list of email addresses, they will all go into the “To” field. So you could use “a@b.xx.yy,tim@apple.com,etc@etc.com”. (Works on my Snow Leopard.) Don’t know if you can actually put forwarding addresses into the CC field using the forward command; maybe set them after you create the forward window?

Thanks for the help kerflooey, it worked a treat.
I’d tried lists and semi-colons but not commas.