Entourage - Import mbox to correct folders

new to applescript.
I’m having trouble with importing mbox files into entourage that are in sub folders of subfolders.
My script is only able to create the first subfolders and import to the correct folder within Entourage.
Once it reaches the first sub-sub folder, I’m unable to set the correct import location within the script.
The script needs to import the mbox files regardless of how many child folders exits. (eg inbox>1stlevel>2ndlevel>nthlevel)

Also if you have any details of importing contact groups from mbox that would be much appreciated.


 --Select folder structure to import
set the_container to (choose folder) as alias
set top_mbox to the_container as string

--Import first level folder to create structure
tell application "Microsoft Entourage"
	import top_mbox & "mbox"
end tell

--Import all subfolders
tell application "Finder"
	--look in all subfolders and process remaining mbox files
	set container_list to folders of entire contents of the_container
	repeat with the_sub_container in container_list
		set parent_folder to parent of the_sub_container
		set sub_folder to name of parent_folder
		set the_sub_container to (the_sub_container as string)
		--entourage now imports subfolders
		tell application "Microsoft Entourage"
			import the_sub_container & "mbox" to folder sub_folder
		end tell
	end repeat
end tell

sigh :frowning:

Has anyone had experience with importing PST’s to Entourage besides using the MS tool?
I’m looking to automate or script the process.
Any info would be appreciated.

many thanx